A forgotten post…

I guess I bottled it when it came to releasing this post, but after talking about it with that bear like husband of mine, we both agreed that it was just the positive kind of post I needed to publish. Here goes…

This time last year…

I looked a bit like this…


I’d just taken receipt of a rather fabulous cape to help me on my quest to rid my body of fuckwit.
I had loads of make up under my eyes to hide the tiredness that radiotherapy was producing. I’d started to lose my hair from chemotherapy and my eye lashes were falling out.

Flash forward to one year later…


Although I need assistance from several types of spanx (damn you oestrogen you fat finder) and help from some false eye lashes, this is the new, improved, fuckwit free Frannie all ready for her Christmas party.

Vain yes, but also necessary.
In my darkest days I never thought I’d get to where I am now on a physical scale. I have a long way to go to actually start loving my body (if indeed that’ll ever happen) but I can start being kinder to myself.

Baby steps. The only way I can in those heels.


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